COVID-19 (Coronavirus): ADB Information Centre


Watch videos of clinical procedures that are essential to the care of seriously ill patients with Covid-19, as well as videos of other important pandemic-related information and reports.

Central venous catheter insertion animated demonstration

in Videos: Ultrasound-guided insertion of a non-tunnelled central venous catheter (CVC) into the right internal jugular vein using the Seldinger insertion technique.

Femoral artery puncture animated demonstration

in Videos: When radial puncture is not possible, the femoral artery provides an alternative - for example, in the peri-arrest situation, or when the patient has a contraindication to radial puncture.

Radial artery puncture animated demonstration

in Videos: Arterial blood gas sampling is used together with clinical assessment, venous blood samples, imaging, and physiological tests to help with diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring the response to treatment in a variety of clinical settings.
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