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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges for frontline health workers around the world.

At the BMJ, we want to build a community where frontline healthcare workers can share their Covid-19 experiences and learning, wherever they are. You are not alone. By sharing your experience and voice, you may support a fellow colleague who may be facing the same issues.

BMJ is looking for 600-word “in your own voice” blogs based on questions around the key issues and experiences medical staff are facing in the Covid- 19 pandemic. We would like to feature them here at the Information Centre.

The blogs will be written by frontline healthcare staff in their own words, about what they see, how they treat patients and anything they would like to share with other colleagues around the world.

The blog submissions will be edited together with you and our Communications Manager Tia Jeewa – Your blog will only be published here once we have your permission.

We will work with you on email and help you share your feelings and experience in the way you want your story to be told.

How to write a blog for ADB Covid-19 Information Centre 

  1. You do not have to be an academic writer. Writing should be easy. Like you are explaining to your friend or family member or for a Facebook post.
  2. Write about what you feel and see. From the heart. We can work with you to ensure that we tell your story well and how you want it to be seen.
  3. Answer the template questions and we can follow up to find out more.
  4. You can write as yourself – we will add your name and a photo or photos that help fellow healthcare workers — see what you see. Photos can be taken on your mobile.
  5. You can write about your feelings, what type of patients you see, what you do, anything that describes what your frontline care looks like. It is your story.

BMJ would love to hear from you. Contact Tia for more information and guidance on how to tell your story.

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